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What is Community title?
Community Title is a title to land within a community. Lot owners own their land and home and also share in the ownership of Community facilities and common grounds. Community Title is a freehold title acceptable to banks and financial institutions. You can borrow on the land and can sell your property through a real estate agent. Community Title is a popular type of property ownership that offers flexibility in size and types of housing, shared facilities and the management of common land and amenities.

What are the benefits of Community Title?
•You own your own home and land
•It allows for larger open spaces such as parkland, open space and the provision of facilities like cycle ways and walking tracks
•All residents share in the ownership of common facilities, such as pools, gym, tennis court, bowling green, BBQ area, etc.
•It attracts owners who place great value on their environment and a private and peaceful lifestyle that is protected for the future
•It allows residents to enjoy a shared interest in common property and facilities, which encourages a sense of community spirit
•An individual statement of practice governs the community scheme
•A community title scheme offers residents a higher standard of living with a greater emphasis on landscaping to common areas , parks and open space

Do I have to pay land rates, insurances, water and electricity?
Yes, you are responsible for your land rates, insurances, water, electricity and telephone. Council rates are approximately $1500 per annum, less eligible pension discounts. Rates include waste management (garbage collection).

Are pets allowed?
Yes, dogs and cats are allowed. Dogs must be contained within the lot owners fence, and must be kept on a lead when walking on common grounds. Cats must wear a bell collar and be kept indoors at night.

What are the fees associated with the Community?
The Community fees are approximately $65 per week. They are managed by the Strata management company for the maintenance of common property and the clubhouse. Lot owners are part of the community association. Their appointed Executive Committee hold regular meetings. The Strata Managers are Lake Group Strata.

Is there caravan and motorhome storage available?
Yes, there is an RV compound in the south western corner of the development. It is secure and costs $60 per month for a space.

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